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What is FOG MUSIC? by Todd Pendu

Fog Music Todd Pendu

FM (“fog music” or simply “FM”) is a general, sweeping term (not necessarily a genre) coined by Bryan Kurkimilis (White Ring) and Todd Pendu (PENDV NYC) in 2011… The term points to the use of fog as a unifying element of an international “dark sound” that has emerged from an eclectic group of artists and bands in the last few years. FM artists and bands tend to place equal emphasis on their visual aesthetic as they do their sonic aesthetic creating dramatic environments out of their live stage shows using lights and/or video projections. The fog then creates a visual atmospheric equivalent to the sonic atmosphere of the music whether Heaven-ly or Hell-ish. The “ghost-like”, “dream-like”, and haunting qualities of these bands is amplified by shrouding the audience in a fogged-out, blurred-out, gauzed haze. Terms such as Drag, Witch House, etc have been applied to some of these artists but those terms are far too limiting and very few of the artists have embraced them. With FM, it’s not a certain sound or a set of particular images that bring this music together… the common thread of FM is in the creativity of each of these artists to produce stylized environments for the maximum emotional experience of the audience/listener.

This is FM… The Future… The Now.

-by Todd Pendu