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Founder/Director: Todd Pendu
EVENTS x PENDV (2008 - 2012)
November 24, 2009

PENDV DISCO ::: Not Yr Ordinary Disco Party aka “Horror Scores For The Dancefloor”

PENDV DISCO ::: Not Yr Ordinary Disco Party aka “Horror Scores For The Dancefloor” (Jan 5, 2010 – Dec 3, 2011)


P E N D V -|- D I S C O is a party dedicated to promoting sounds from today’s newest cutting-edge artists who create atmospheric music aka “Fog Music” whether electronic or hip-hop or neofolk or anywhere in-between. Each party features live performances from touring musicians as well as NYC-based musicians along with guest DJs. The Party began on January 5 in 2010 aka “I/V/X” and featured SALEM and Gatekeeper on the same bill attracting celebrity attendance from Michael Stipe, Terence Koh, and Sasha Frere-Jones. Since then we have hosted Black Devil Disco Club, Light Asylum, HTRK, Blondes, White Ring, Laurel Halo, Chelsea Wolfe, Tearist, Innergaze, Led Er Est, White Car, No Bra, Hounds of Hate, Shams, King Dude, //TENSE//, GhXst, Cosmetics, and more… alongside guest DJ sets from Gavin Russom, oOoOO, CREEP, Traxx, and more…

There’s been a lot of talk about a ‘so-called’ new sound in electronic music and we’ve been “guilty as charged” of promoting a lot of it. In the past, throughout 2010, most of this “sound” was lumped under a genre known as “Witch House“; but we never cared for that term and never used it, we preferred calling it “FM” (Fog Music) or “Alternative Club Music”, but we are not here to argue semantics, we are here for the party!

CHECK OUT THIS MIXTAPE mixed by Todd Pendu… entirely made up of artists who have previously performed at PENDV DISCO including S4lem, Light Asylum, Tearist, Blissed Out, Blondes, Fostercare, King Dude, White Ring, Gatekeeper, Hounds of Hate, Cosmetics, Neud Photo, Led Er Est, Black Devil Disco Club, Balaclavas, White Car, The Present Moment, Medio Mutante, Night Gallery, Laurel Halo, and Living Days …. DOWNLOAD IT HERE!


12-03-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: AUTRE NE VEUT + BLACK MARBLE :: DJ sets by Maya Hardinge + Scott Mou + Todd Pendu

09-17-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: HTRK + GHXST + Mother Of Fire + Redaelli :: DJ sets by Thalia Mavros (Vice) + Micki Pellerano (Cult of Youth)

07-07-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: Teams + Zombelle + Myrrh Ka Ba + Mascara :: DJ sets by Todd Pendu

06-24-11 @ Public Assembly, Brooklyn
LQQK + PENDV presents
:: Jokers of the Scene + Follower :: DJ Sets by Bryan K (White Ring) + PENDV Disco DJs

05-28-11 @ Public Assembly, Brooklyn
LQQK + PENDV presents
:: Parallels + Miho Hatori + People At Parties + Butterclock + You. :: DJ Sets by DJ JHD + PENDV Disco DJs

04-29-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: Religious To Damn + Jewels of the Nile + Butterclock feat. oOoOO + Funerals :: DJ sets by Deirdre Direktor + Harrison Owen + Todd Pendu

03-25-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: Gatekeeper + NYC Debut of Streetwalker (Elon Katz of White Car & Beau Wanzer) + Innergaze :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison + Todd Pendu + Santa Muerte (120Minutes, San Francisco)

02-22-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: How I Quit Crack + Blissed Out + Miracle Power Combination + Quetzalcoatus (replaced by Skullcaster) :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison + Todd Pendu

02-12-11 PENDV DISCO (LA edition) @ SHOW CAVE, Los Angeles
:: Chelsea Wolfe + The Present Moment + King Dude :: DJ sets by Santa Muerte + Robert Disaro + Todd Pendu

02-10-11 ACID DISCO @ Home Sweet Home, Manhattan
:: DJ sets by Shawn NoEQ + Deirdre Direktor

01-27-11 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: 1 Year Anniversary Party feat. //TENSE// + GHXST :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison + Frankie Teardrop (Revel Hotel/Dream Affair) + Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth) + Todd Pendu

01-20-11 ACID DISCO @ Home Sweet Home, Manhattan
:: DJ sets by Shawn NoEQ + Matt Radune

01-06-11 ACID DISCO @ Home Sweet Home, Manhattan
:: DJ sets by Shawn NoEQ + the surveyor

12-22-10 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: DJ Sets by oOoOO + White Ring + DJ Harrison + Blissed Out + Todd Pendu

11-13-10 @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: NYC Debut Screening of Surrealistica Uniferno by Cosmotropia de Xam :: Live performances from Blondes + White Ring + Gatekeeper :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison + the surveyor + Laurel Halo + Matt Radune + Shawn NoEQ (Led Er Est) + Katie Rose (Further Reductions)

09-25-10 PENDV presents Rainbow Body Records Showcase @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
:: White Car + Night Gallery+ Robert AA Lowe + Golden Birthday + Konnichiwa :: DJ Sets by Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave) + Beau Wanzer + DJ Harrison

08-31-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Cosmetics + Cult of Youth + King Dude :: DJ Sets by White Ring

08-10-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Le1F + Paradise Band :: DJ Sets by DJ Star Eyes + Nightspitter DJs

08-03-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Black Devil Disco Club :: DJ Sets by Xavier Paradis (Automelodi) + Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave) + Shawn NoEQ (Led Er Est) + Katie Rose (Further Reductions)

07-27-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Hussle Club + Vivan Alive :: DJ Sets by Kingdom

07-20-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Gatekeeper + Von Haze :: DJ Sets by Shawn NoEQ (Led Er Est) + Katie Rose (Further Reductions)

07-13-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Other Crimes + Cruel Black Dove :: DJ Sets by DJ Jeralyn

07-06-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Prince Rama + La Big Vic :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

06-29-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Blissed Out + (NYC Debut of) The Present Moment :: DJ Sets by Shawn NoEQ (Led Er Est) + Katie Rose (Further Reductions)

06-22-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Ana Lola Roman + You. :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

ON AGAIN//OFF AGAIN & PENDV present (2-day event)
06-18-10 @ Show Cave, Los Angeles
:: White Car + Tearist :: DJ Sets by Salem + Disaro
06-19-10 @ Show Cave, Los Angeles
:: Night Gallery + Pearl Harbor :: DJ Sets by Salem + Disaro

06-15-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Sabbath Assembly + Screening of “Seance” by Bradley Eros :: DJ Sets by Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth) + DJ Harrison

06-08-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Le Sphinxx :: DJ Sets by Kevin ‘DJ Niteline’ Duffey + the surveyor

05-25-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Medio Mutante + The Dreams + TeePee :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison + Veronika Vasicka (Minimal Wave)

05-18-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: (NYC Debut of) Madden + Fostercare :: DJ sets by Robin C (Tri Angle/XXJFG) + DJ Harrison

05-11-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: SSPS + Konnichiwa + The Gamut :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

05-04-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Hounds of Hate + Laurel Halo + New Yoga :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

04-29-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Bermuda Triangles + Diamond Black Hearted Boy + Human Resources :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison + DJ Venus X (Ghe2o Gothik)

04-27-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Slava + Figure Study :: DJ Sets by CRE3P

04-20-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Gary War + (NYC Debut of) Balaclavas :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

04-15-10 “SS236-66-93/93” @ Beauty Bar, Brooklyn
:: DJ sets by Robin C (Tri Angle/XXJFG) + DJ Venus X (Ghe2o Gothik)

04-13-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Esque + Neud Photo/ DJ sets: Hayden Payne (Dream Affair) + Frankie Teardrop (Revel Hotel)

04-06-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Fake Babies + Head Trip Conception :: DJ sets by Light Asylum + DJ Harrison

04-01-10 “FOOLS NITE OUT” @ Beauty Bar, Brooklyn
:: DJ sets by Robin C (Tri Angle/XXJFG) + DJ Harrison

03-30-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: White Ring+ tearist + George Quartz :: Projections by Cosmotropia De Xam :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison + Robin C (Tri Angle/XXJFG) + DJ Venus X (Ghe2o Gothik)

03-23-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Religious to Damn + Other Crimes :: DJ Sets by Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth) + Frankie Teardrop (Revel Hotel)

03-18-10 “SIGIL.23” @ Beauty Bar, Brooklyn
:: DJ sets by Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth) + Michael Yaniro (Twin Stumps) + Caleb March (Pop 1280)

03-16-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: No Bra + Blush Response :: DJ Sets by Lauren Flax (CRE3P) + Bryan Kurkimilis (White Ring)

03-09-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: (NYC Debut of) White Car + Desert of Colors :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison

03-05-10 @ Show Cave, Los Angeles
:: Light Asylum + Weave :: DJ sets by DJ Harrison + DJ Busy (Telepathe)

03-02-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Living Days + Follower :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison

02-23-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Blondes :: DJ Sets by Gavin Russom

02-16-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Excepter :: DJ Sets by Excepter + DJ Harrison

02-09-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Hearts of Darknesses + Neud Photo :: DJ Sets by Hours of Worship

01-26-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Mirror Mirror + Omega Jarden :: DJ Sets by TRAXX + Josh Werner (Nation Records) + DJ Harrison

01-19-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Follower + The Gamut :: DJ Sets by Melissa Livaudais (Telepathe) + Lauren Dillard + April Christiane

01-12-10 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: Led Er Est + Light Asylum :: DJ Sets by DJ Jeralyn + DJ Harrison

01-05-10 aka “I/V/X” @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
:: SALEM + (NYC Debut of) Gatekeeper :: DJ Sets by DJ Harrison



• “The most current love child of electronic music is a genre based on a dark aesthetic commonly referred to as “witch house.” It’s influences run across a wide spectrum of music, from hip hop to industrial. While its not easily definable, the common thread seems that these artists are on a mission to do things their own way, and they aren’t taking no for an answer. They have created a subculture that encompasses all realms of this aesthetic and at the forefront, we find the record labels Pendu Sound Recordings and DISARO Records. For the first time, Anthem got DJs Zane Landreth, BLKRAINBW, and Disaro from Killing Spree, L.A.’s best representation of this new genre, to sit down with New York’s Todd Pendu of PENDV NYC to dissect this cultural phenomenon of all things dark.” — Read here >>>


• Interview with Todd Pendu :: “On January 27, 2011, PENDV Disco – aka Horror Scores for the Dance Floor – will celebrate its first anniversary with some decidedly dark musical performances by Houston’s //TENSE// and GHXST, DJ sets by DJ Harrison, and plenty of cake. The raucous concert series burst onto the scene this time last year at Glasslands Gallery, with unforgettable performances by Salem and Gatekeeper, two bands that came to define the hip-hop/goth/industrial genre known as Witch House. PENDV Disco has become known as a place to discover new bands, even for show promoters. Recently, the concert series developed a Manhattan offshoot, PENDV Acid Disco at Home Sweet Home, and it will be making its West Coast debut in Los Angeles on February 12, presenting live performances by Chelsea Wolfe, The Present Moment, King Dude, and a DJ set by Robert Disaro of Disaro Records” — Read here >>>


• Next week, PENDV Disco celebrates its one-year anniversary. As dark music is a mainstay at PENDV Disco, and the music of the bands who have performed at the series have been grouped under the term “Witch House,” we think this is a good time to give you a primer for being a Witch House poser. — Read here >>>