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Founder/Director: Todd Pendu
EVENTS x PENDV (2008 - 2012)

08-03-10 / PENDV DISCO feat. BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB + DJ sets by Xavier Paradis (Automelodi) + Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave) + Shawn NoEQ (Led Er Est) + Katie Rose (Further Reductions)

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Bernard Fevre made a pointed demonstration of why Black Devil Disco Club has become synonymous with the best in dark dancefloor vibes. Moroder-esque bass lines, leering atmospherics, strikingly inorganic hand drum driven beats, and decidedly hot disco leads, coupled with Fevre’s accessible and often whimsical stage presence quickly transformed a crowd of initially skeptical head bobbers into fanatical backup dancers. Gushing out from Glasslands’ recently upgraded sound system, the music itself took on a more effervescent, narcotic feel that can be lost in its more calculated, recorded manifestation. The set list itself spanned the 30 plus year history of Black Devil/Black Devil Disco Club and featured favorites such as “I Regret the Flower Power,” “H Friend,” and “The Devil in Us.” The notable inclusion of “Dali,” a track from the re-release of Fevre’s pre Black Devil solo album, The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre, surprised many with its heavy, cinematic feel. If BDDC ever stops sounding ahead of its time, we’ll know that we’ve officially reached the future.

Xavier Paradis, Veronica Vasicka, Shaw of NoEQ, and Rose traded DJ duties throughout the night, each adding their aesthetic elements to the concoction that eventually transmuted the dancefloor into a roiling, fog veiled maelstrom. Bravo, all.

-words and photos by Luke Carrell


Photos by Johanna Lenski & Tyler Flatt