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Founder/Director: Todd Pendu
EVENTS x PENDV (2008 - 2012)

04-29-11 / PENDV DISCO feat. RELIGIOUS TO DAMN + JEWELS OF THE NILE + BUTTERCLOCK + FUNERALS w/ DJ sets by Deirdre Direktor + Harrison Owen + Todd Pendu

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The latest edition of PENDU DISCO was an all female-fronted affair that re-asserted a fact that this esteemed event has taken care to illustrate many times before: estrogen and fog machines are an undeniably potent combination. It was an eclectic night that hit hard from increasingly obtuse angles. Secret Project Robot’s then current exhibit, “sTo,” covered the venue from top to bottom, providing a backdrop of convoluted, twisting forms that alternately lent the event elements of an old school art party or highly stylized early 90s club setup. Luckily, everyone seemed down for both.

If there’s one thing PENDU DISCO fans know, it’s that it’s never too early for house music. Performing from floor level, Funerals kicked off the night with an obsidian-edged set that was as driving as it was nuanced. As the pair doled out sounds from dueling laptops, the crowd filtered in from the corners, drawn by some of the hardest pounding beats we’ve heard come from piping hot from a laptop. It was a club-friendly performance that definitely makes one curious about just what the kids are getting up to on dancefloors in Columbus, Ohio these days.

Pendu Sound Recording’s own Butterclock was joined onstage by the much loved and even more often mispronounced entity known as oOoOO [say it: “oh”]. Butterclock’s diva powers were in full effect as she crooned and cooed her way trough the set, buoyed by cracked 808 beats, Gucci Mane samples, and oOoOO’s mile deep soft synths. Not one to be lost in the influx of vox and sample centric acts, Butterclock performance didn’t feel chained to the technology that powered it, heightening her emotive power. Looking forward to more from this very talented lady.

Jewels of the Nile were the next to inject their brand of sonick magick into crowd’s willing ear canals. The trio quickly proved that their lush sound was a natural fit to the big room, which added intensity and complexity as the natural reverb folded effervescent arrays of synth and heavily delayed vocals folded into a dense melodic mass. While this did shake off some of the icier vibes present of their recorded material, JOTN took full advantage of the theatrical potential of the sprawling, gloomy vibe, yielding an especially vibrant take on some very solid songs. Cheers to any singer that can handle not one, but two mics with that much chutzpah.

Religious to Damn’s set took full advantage of all six of the musicians present onstage, creating heavily textured sounds that vacillated between eclectic soprano driven ballads and tightly packed [insert word of choice here]-gaze influenced rock. It’s truly impossible to the act justice without calling out Zohra Atash’s voice. At times sultry, at others gently lilting or commanding, her well tempered vocals served as a guide for the formidable instrumentation, informing not only the explicit mood of each song, but managing to add subtle levels of rhythmic play that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. The set was undoubtedly an intense display of some very serious musical chops, but was also executed with a poise that only served deepen the genuine mystique that surrounds the music itself.

In addition to PENDU DISCO’s veteran curators of sonic mayhem, Todd Pendu and Harrison Owen, Deirdre Direktor, Pendu’s newest recruited resident DJ brought her own acidic touch to the night and kept dancefloor going at a steady boil. Dance on. See you at the next PENDU DISCO.

-words and photos above by Luke Carrell


Check out photos below by Heather Strange